Post-Construction Cleaning is a one time through cleaning of a new facility, preparing the home or building for its final finishing. We will ensure a spotless site and that your deadlines are met.

We will clean to the finest detail.

Construction dust can be the most difficult to clean. Micro-dust settles on everything. We will be providing and using HEPA air machines. After removing all dust from all surfaces with HEPA filtered vacuums, we will then clean with water, sanitizers, microfiber cloths and sponges for a maximum dust removal in the finished site environment.

Tasks includes:

•Removing construction debris from the inside of the structure.

•Clean and remove all dust and debris from floors.

•Clean all interior walls of dust and debris.

•Vacuum and mopping floors. Remove any paint and/or plaster as for other items.

•Double deep vacuum all carpeted areas.

•Vacuum, mop and disinfect all tile and wood flooring.

•Clean stairs, stair rails and stair posts.

•Clean all doors, door molding, handles and hinges. Removing paint from handles and hinges.

•Hand clean light fixtures, blinds, ceiling fans, duct work and vents.

•Hand clean all baseboards, crown molding, outlet covers and switches.

•Vacuum and detail clean interior of all cabinets and drawers.

•Clean and disinfect all countertops.

•Detail clean of interior and exterior of all appliances.

•Remove plastic covering new appliances.

•Polish all fixtures and stainless steel appliances.

•Clean all cabinets, polish all mirrors and glass.

•Clean all A/C and heating units and mechanical rooms.

•Clean all shelving, fireplaces and associates areas.

•Clean and hand vacuum all furniture.

•Clean all counter, shelving and racks.

•Remove all glue, stickers and paint in windows.

•Remove all dust from windows, window sills and frames.

•Clean all debris and dust from window tracks.

•Clean construction debris, vacuum and power wash rooftop and skylight.

•Sweep and power wash exteriors as front building and garden area.

The fact that we use air scrubbing machines will make a big difference, so that the fine micro dust floating in the air will re-contaminate the areas that have already been cleaned. Construction micro dust can be extremely harmful, specially to those that are sensitive with allergies. Using the air scrubbers, we will ensure that the dust will stay trapped inside the HEPA filters, releasing only pure and healthy air back into the future buyers environment.